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Envisioning California Conference

The Envisioning California Conference, founded by the Center for California Studies in 1989, assembles Californians with particular insight into the bits and pieces of California's diversity of histories, cultures and philosophies, and the consequences of the diversity.  Our discussions attempt to analyze successes and failures in efforts to bring Californians together and to keep differences from breeding discord. We question what defines California, who Californians are, and where California is going.  We reach into the broad vistas of the California experience, from politics, ethnicity, and history to the arts, education and the environment.

25th Annual Envisioning California Conference: Moving On: Transforming Transportation in California

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2014 at the Sacramento Library Tsakopoulos Galleria

Register now! Registration deadline is September 22, 2014

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With over 800 miles of coastline and 160,000 square miles of land, California faces enormous challenges to move its people and transport its goods. Responding to those challenges has involved a transcontinental rail line through the Sierras, a bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the storied Pacific Coast Highway, and some of the world 's busiest ports, among other innovations. Today, California's transportation infrastructure is beset by age and obsolescence. The state's transportation planners are confronted with critical environmental and security issues that were not envisoned in earlier decades. Policies for addressing those issues will have a profound impact on the quality and nature of California's communities, and affect the work and leisure opportunities for its people. This conference will examine the challenges facing California's transportation system, and will explore policy options and their associated trade-offs for future innovations.

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