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"The Executive Fellowship is a great opportunity for anyone who is committed to public service or who is still looking to explore. In my placement I was exposed to legislation, project management, policy, communication, and finance. You have great autonomy to work on the projects that are meaningful to you while developing yourself professionally with the support of a mentor. The Fellowship is also a gateway to a very strong network of public leaders who will be there to guide you."
Natasha Kelleher, Executive Fellow 2011-12

"The Executive Fellowship was the perfect place for me to launch my professional career. I found my class to be the most high caliber people who constantly worked to better themselves and the community around them. Their work ethic, moral fortitude, and academic excellence inspired me to improve myself every day. Additionally, my placement taught me everything I needed to know about making a successful transition into the world of California's government, while providing endless opportunities to work on what I felt passionate about. From unique field trips and tours to walking the halls of the Capitol, the Executive Fellowship will offer you endless experiences of a lifetime!"
Sean Connelly, Executive Fellow 2011-12

"The Executive Fellowship program provides an exceptional opportunity to become immersed in state government as you gain invaluable experience and unique insight into the Executive branch. As Executive Fellows you play critical roles in the legislative process and also learn the implications of the implementation of policies in the various State Agencies and Departments where you are placed. The fellowship provides an honorable opportunity to impact the Executive branch and the State of California. The fellowship has presented me with great friendships and long lasting relationships with my fellow colleagues, mentors, and amazing leaders in state government."
Guadalupe D. Manriquez , Executive Fellow 2011-12

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If you have questions about the Executive Fellowship Program please call Brian K. Aguilar: (916) 278-6906 or email:








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