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Faculty Research Fellows Program

The Faculty Research Fellows Program (FRFP) links the policy research resources of the California State University with the policy research needs of the legislative and executive branches of state government.

Created and administered by the Center for California Studies of California State University, Sacramento, FRFP annually distributes about $81,000 in research funds to faculty throughout the California State University. Under FRFP the state Assembly, state Senate and the Governor each has a “line of credit” of $27,000 that can be used to fund policy research conducted by CSU faculty and staff. Research projects are originated by the Legislature and Executive branch, not faculty members, and thus represent direct research needs of state policy makers.

Since its inception in 1994-95, FRFP has distributed more than $700,000, funding 60 separate research projects completed by more than 70 individual CSU faculty from 13 different CSU campuses. Funds for the Faculty Research Fellows Program are included in the Center’s line item in the state budget.

The typical FRFP project is funded for $10-15,000 and is completed within four months. However, there have been projects funded for more than $25,000 and projects which took more than a year to complete. Research topics vary greatly and have involved CSU faculty from a wide range of disciplines including Business, Economics, Criminal Justice, Geography, History, Political Science Psychology, Sociology, and Urban Studies.

Current and In-progress RFPs


Current RFP

The California Latino Caucus


In Progress Reports

The Senate Office of Research has requested assistance from the Center for California Studies to prepare a study, “Evaluating a Consumption Tax for California.”

The California Research Bureau and the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation has asked the Center for California Studies for assistance to research, “The Impact of Enacting Florida’s Tax Portability Statute in California.”



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