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The Center aims to promote policy research, training, and education that will improve governance in California.

The Center’s specific Research and Government Affairs goals include:

  • Provide the Legislature, the Governor and Executive Branch, and the Courts with useful, relevant and academically rigorous policy research;
  • Enhance the effectiveness of elected and other public officials through training and orientation programs;
  • Leverage Center capacity to inform policy debates by creating and supporting affiliated policy oriented centers and institutes; and
  • Expand and maintain connections with all campuses within the CSU and with individual CSU faculty engaged in policy research.

The Center’s activities in this area include:

  • Faculty Research Fellows Project
  • Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy
  • Legislative Staff Management Institute

Additionally, the Center is frequently requested to provide support for one-time events.  For example, the Center was involved with the sesquicentennial celebration of the state Legislature and helped to locate experts for an event sponsored by the state Attorney General.

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