Jessie Zhen, Laguna Blanca High School - 11th grade

The world reflected through the water: it becomes fuzzy and blurry. Water shows the true world in its own way and leaves people to read it. I read California in my own eyes too; since I can't show you my eyes, I can show you the water which reflects my thinking.

California was established by all the missions that Father Serra built in the 1700s. The reflection on my photo is one of those missions, and the mission tells me that California is not only known for its beautiful weather, but also its special culture.

Did you see the exotic lotus in the upper right corner? One thing that I find out about California is that everything, including people can live a good life here because of the great weather and the friendly neighborhoods.

All those pennies in the water could tell you that everyone who is in California has their hopes, and they all hope for a prosperous future, good fortune and opportunity. I believe we all achieve what we wish for.

© 2010 Jessie Zhen, Displayed with permission.