Good Morning LAX!

Christian Klein, Laguna Blanca High School - 10th grade

As a foreign exchange student from Europe, I have my own special picture of California. Everybody in Europe dreams of California and expects it to be the paradise, with nice weather and all the famous celebrities, etc.

I took this picture at LAX International Airport at 6 o'clock in the morning (!) and there were already tons of people and cars. What you don't see in this picture: Behind me, there was a row of people for half a mile, just for security-control. The ground was wet from the apocalyptic rainfalls the night before. Regardless, everything was perfect.

Some images in this picture remind me of the "California Dream." The palms on the right and the bright light towers make me think of the colorful life. Also, the "American Dream" is illustrated in this picture: In the US, you can get free flights. Wow!

© 2010 Christian Klein, Displayed with permission.