The LegiSchool Project’s Real World Civics Summer Internship

A high school capital internship program for Sacramento area students interested in experiencing state government in action!

The LegiSchool Project’s Real World Civics Summer Internship gives a select number of high school students the opportunity to experience state government first hand. Students gain not only practical skills from the internship, but are also exposed to all branches of state government, as well as volunteer experience at a local community-based organization. Students who are currently juniors or seniors are eligible to apply.

The four-week internship will provide interns with positive examples of public service, the political process, and government in general.

Interns will be selected from high schools in the greater Sacramento area. Interns will spend time job shadowing Capital Fellows, graduate students working in legislative and executive branch offices. Assignments will include work experience in either the Senate or Assembly, and the Executive branch of state government.

A stipend of $10 a day will be provided at the end of each week to assist with transportation, parking, and meal expenses.

Eligible students must attend high school in the greater Sacramento area and must have reliable transportation to and from the State Capitol during the entire internship.

Internship Activities

Multi-Day Orientation

The Legislative Process

The Three Branches of Government

Job-Shadowing Two of the Following:

Courtroom as Classroom:

Policy Days

Last Day

*Activities subject to change

“I have gained a complete understanding of both the state and local government through the program that no textbook could ever offer. Even for those not interested in pursuing an occupation in government, I would highly recommend the internship.”
        Internship Participant


Click here to download the 2010 LegiSchool Intern PowerPoint Presentation.