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Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Science Educational Equity Program (SEE)

Scholar Stuff

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CSUS Library

UC-Davis Library

CAMP Programs

California State University, Long Beach

St. Edward's University

Idaho College assistance Migrant Program

California State University, Monterey Bay

California State University, Fresno

Boise State University

Michigan State University

Our Lady of the Lake University

Financial Aid


Financial Aid at CSUS

Scholarship Information

Geneseo Migrant Center - Migrant Scholarships

ACS Scholarships

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

Hispanic College Fund 

Jessie Owens Foundation Scholarships 

Hispanic Scholarship Fund 

Mexican American Women's National Association

Student Action with Farm workers (SAF)

Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

League of United Latin American Citizens

Mexican American Legal Defense/Ed. Fund

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

Immigration Sites

Immigration Home Page

Immigration Law

National Immigration Forum

Siskind's Immigration Bulletin

Government Sites

U.S. Department of Agriculture

U.S. Department of Labor (National Agricultural Workers Survey)

Census Bureau

Office of Migrant Education

Education Sites

Kentucky Technology Project - The Educational Source

National HEP-CAMP Association

Geneseo Migrant Center - Migrant Scholarships 

National Center for Homeless Education at SERVE

Labor Sites


Farm Labor Organizing Committee

United Farm Workers

National Farm Worker Jobs Program

National Center for Farm Worker Health

Resources and Advocacy Sites

Association of Farm Worker Opportunity Programs

Catholic Migrant Farm Worker Network

Student Action with Farm Workers (SAF)


Student Employment Opportunities at CSUS

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