Executive MBA Career Services

Executive MBA Career Service Package

Because the Executive MBA program is self-supporting and the students have unique needs, the Career Center will offer the EMBA students the following career services for a fee of $100:

- Three sessions (one hour each) with a career counselor focusing on resume development and critique. The career counselor will make referrals to community agencies as deemed appropriate.

- Access to selected career assessments.

- Access to Career Information Library

*The Career Center will not be able to provide placement services nor services that provide
finished copies of resumes.

Executive MBA students who have completed their undergraduate degree at Sacramento State or at another CSU may participate in the Alumni Career Services track. For more information and fee payment, contact the Career Center.

Referral Process to Career Center

All contacts from the EMBA program will be through the Director of the Career Center. The director will refer the student to the career counselor that can best serve the student’s request. The process will work as follows:

- The EMBA student will complete the EMBA referral form

- The form will be forwarded to the Director of the Career Center.

- The Director will make a referral to a career counselor.

- The EMBA student will be notified via email how to contact the career counselor to set up an appointment.

Aggregate data will be kept and reported to the Interim Associate Dean of Graduate and External Programs, College of Business Administration.

Contact Information

Career Center
6000 J Street
Lassen 1013