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The Career Information Library in the Career Center is designed to assist you in researching and gathering information at any stage in your exploration of potential majors, related occupations, and job search preparation.

Career Publications

- Career Books
- Directories
- Job Search Preparation Books
- Job Hunting Guides
- Videotapes
- Trade Periodicals

You can access the materials during regular office hours. Materials are for reference only and may not be checked out of the Career Center; however, many of the resources can also be found in the Sacramento State Library and community libraries for use during evenings and weekends.

Career Books

The Career Center offers several series of books from different perspectives of use to you in exploring the world of work: interests and hobbies, jobs related to majors, types of work in professional fields.

- Careers for ...interests
- Great Jobs for ...majors
- Careers in ...professions, fields
- Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance
- Career Opportunities in...
- Top 100 Jobs in ...fields
- Occupational Outlook Handbook


Directories usually organize information according to a common topic. For example, The Community Services Directory of Sacramento lists all the nonprofit organizations in the Sacramento area including their name, address, phone number, contact person, services provided, hours, and eligibility. The Career Information Library contains:

- Community Services Directory of Sacramento
- National Trade and Professional Associations of the United States

And many other useful directories with information on salaries, cities, international careers, and more.
Job Search Preparation Books

Job search preparation books give you practical suggestions concerning job search topics such as interviewing techniques, resume and cover letter writing, dress, salary negotiation, developing a portfolio andjob search strategies.
Job Hunting Guides

Job hunting guides discuss various job search strategies by topic, industry, city, and/or career field.


The Career Center has a number of videotapes on different career fields, occupations, company information, school districts, and job search strategies and techniques. There is a small video player/monitor in the Career Information Library for viewing the videotapes / DVD's.

Trade Periodicals

Trade periodicals focus on a specific trade, industry, sector of the world of work, and/or professional association.

- Sacramento Business Journal
- The Chronicle of Higher Education
- Job Choices
- Opportunity NOC's


You may take Choices at the Career Center Monday-Friday between 8am and 5pm or CLICK HERE for Choices Online.

- Computerized career, education, and financial aid exploration and information system that will help you increase your self-awareness, set priorities, develop career decision-making skills, and develop post-secondary and education plans.
- Information on hundreds of occupations with connections to post-secondary schools.
- Information about and search thousands of national post-secondary and graduate schools, both public and private.
- Search sources of financial aid according to multiple search characteristics.
- Interest Profiler t helps to find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work.
- Basic Skills Survey compares your skills to the skills required for success in various occupations.
- Identify your transferable skills from past occupations and then see future occupations that may use those skills.
- Work Importance Locator helps you learn more about your work values and what is important to you in a job.

Eureka, California Career Information System

You may browse Eureka at the Career Center or CLICK HERE to browse it online.

- Computerized career information system that has numerous modules that assist you with your educational and career exploration needs.
- Information on over 1100 occupations, including pay and employment outlooks. Occ-u-sort is a 36-item questionnaire, which lists occupations whose attributes match the responses to various questions related to your personal and work values. The system also has information on over 4000 California and national scholarships.
- Assists you in finding training programs, colleges or universities in which to prepare for an occupation orfield of interest. It allows for side-by-side comparison of up to three schools at a time. It has modules on international occupations, information on business ownership and links to Internet resources.
- Links assessment results to occupations in the database through the module, Crosswalks.
- Letter writing module with pre-designed letters requesting applications for school admission, about scholarships, or information from hundreds of associations.
Career Center Handouts

Handouts including the Career Center Handbook, are provided to students who attend career workshops, visit the Career Center, or you can download the PDF files and print out your own copies.

- Career Center Handbook: Tools and Tips for Career Search Success
- Career Center Services
- Alumni Services
- Resumes and Cover Letters
- Dress for Success
- Ten Rules of Interviewing
- Sample Interview Questions
- Behavioral Interview (Pg. 38)
- Undergraduate Majors at Sacramento State
- Major Finder
- Career and Job Hunt Resources on the Internet