Thinking about a career in insurance?

Insights from Sacramento State alumni and an industry expert

Career Center staff attended an open house hosted by Travelers and were amazed by the variety of career paths available and academic backgrounds held by successful Sacramento State alumni who work there. We thought you might be interested in what the insurance industry has to offer, so we sat down with Jeffrey Brzozowski, Manager of University Relations at Travelers – here’s what we learned: 

Travelers Insurance Staff

What majors or fields of study do you look for when recruiting recent graduates?

Many people don’t realize the vast number of career opportunities within insurance, from traditional underwriting and claim positions to investigative and forensics work. While there is a focus on certain majors and backgrounds, like business, liberal arts and risk management, there are many skill sets needed for the different career paths in the industry. We have found that just about every major fits into a position within insurance.

When we’re searching for candidates, we look for a variety of qualities with some of the most essential skills being effective communication, time management and organization. These traits are important when working with customers and agents to ensure that we can provide the highest level of customer service during a time of need.

2. What are the opportunities for growth?

A career in the insurance industry can be exciting and challenging. As an entry-level candidate, you will receive training in your respective discipline, with management and peer support to help you along the way. As your career progresses, opportunities to explore other areas at Travelers may be available to keep you challenged and growing in your career.

Check out what a few Sacramento State Alumni had to say about their experiences working at Travelers:   

“Some might look at a government-journalism degree and say it has nothing to do with insurance; however, I’ve found my education to be invaluable in this line of work. Insurance is very regulated and nearly everything we do is policy-based. My experience with interpreting legal documents and factual reporting has really helped me in my professional development. Since I started with Travelers, I’ve worked in both the auto and workers compensation areas. I’ve also had the opportunity to volunteer as an Emergency Response Team member, helping customers during major catastrophes. Travelers is one of the most supportive companies I’ve worked for – every time I’ve decided to move in a different direction, my managers have helped and encouraged me.”

– Anne Lowe  

 “I received a bachelor’s in finance with a concentration in risk management and insurance from Sac State in the spring of 2015. I started working at Travelers a few months later and have loved it from day one. The people are awesome – they’re supportive, always willing to help out and continually pushing me to do my best. They really put an emphasis on skill development and ensuring you have what you need to be successful – I am always going through training to help me grow professionally. If I were to describe my time at Travelers in three words they would be: teamwork, dedication and development.”

– Nate Coppernoll

3. Tell us about Travelers’ history with Sacramento State.

Travelers has a long history of partnering with Sacramento State to recruit students and offer career advice. Over the past 20 years we have been engaged in career fairs, classroom visits, resume reviews, career exploration events and lectures.

Our careers website is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about a career at Travelers: