Faculty and Staff


Faculty and staff who currently work for California State University, Sacramento are eligible to utilize Career Center services and programs with no associated fee. Career counseling and development services can provide a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality and in depth time resolving current and future issues including, but not limited to, life transitions; career, work and educational planning; decision making and goal setting; assessment of skills, values and interests; exploration of barriers to educational and employment goals; and job search strategies.

We offer walk-in career counseling services to assist you in identifying what Career Center programs and services will be most beneficial. The Career Center also offers follow-up 50-minute career counseling appointments, for those who would like to work with a Career Counselor on an ongoing basis. Faculty and staff are also welcome to attend any of the events that are offered each semester, as well as utilize the Career Resource Library to explore and research the world of work.

We offer assistance with specific job search techniques including, practice for interview sessions, resume and cover letter writing, job search strategies, completing applications, and identifying resources and job listings available at Sacramento State and in the Sacramento area community.

If you are unable to utilize Career Center services or visit us during the day, the Career Center also offers evening career counseling services for faculty and staff and members of the community. Our evening career counseling services are available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the semester. Students completing their master's degree in counseling, with a specialization in Career Counseling and Development, provide the evening services. They are supervised, on-site, by Career faculty from the Department of Counselor Education.

You are welcome to visit the Career Center anytime, Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm. If you have any questions or need further information about Career Center services and programs, including the evening program, please feel free to contact us at 916.278.6231 or visit the Career Center, Lassen Hall, Room 1013.

Career Connection

Faculty & Staff have access to Hornet Career Connection as faculty, job seekers, or as an employer.


All Sacramento State faculty may register for a Hornet Career Connection account as faculty. This account can be used to access Career Center events and to review employer contacts. Click New User Registration to get started or sign into your existing account.


Job Seekers

All Sacramento State faculty and staff may register for Hornet Career Connection as a job seeker using their Sacramento State email address and the Hornet Career Connection registration password given out by the Career Center. Job Seekers utilize the "students" module of Hornet Career Connection.



Sacramento State faculty and staff may also register for Hornet Career Connection as employers to list general and/or student assistant positions. You may also use this service to post part-time jobs for personal needs: housecleaning, yardwork, childcare, tutoring, etc.



- Free online career management system
- Job Listings: full-time, part-time, on-campus jobs, internships, co-ops, and volunteer opportunities
- Resume Books
- Career Events and Workshops
- Career Center Calendar
- Professional Network

Internship and Co-op

The Career Center works in collaboration with students, employers, and faculty to help students gain experience in their field of interest.

Hornet Career Connection allows employers to list, and students to search, internships and co-ops online for free.

Please contact us with any comments, information, and/or suggestions.

Candace McGee
Internship Manager

Career Counselors and Cooperative Education Coordinators

College of Health & Human Services, College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies
Emmanuel Melgarejo
Career Center Main Office: Lassen 1013
Phone: 278.7205

College of Engineering & Computer Science, College of Arts & Letters
Michelle Okada
Career Center Main Office: Lassen 1013
Phone: 278.6827

College of Education, College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Chao Vang
Career Center Main Office: Lassen 1013
Phone: 278.6235

College of Business Administration
College of Business Office of Student Affairs
Phone: 278.5875

Workshops and Tours

The Career Center offers a variety of workshops and presentations related to career planning that can be tailored to your classroom setting and the specific needs of your students.

Submit a Program Request Form and your request will be reviewed at our next staff meeting.

NOTE: Requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to desired classroom presentation date in order for the Career Center staff to accommodate your tour.