On-Campus Student Employment

Working on campus as a student employee is a great way to become engaged in the campus community. On-campus student employment affords students the opportunity to earn a competitive wage while gaining much needed job experience and transferable skills, all without compromising their education. Students may work on campus up to a maximum of 20 hours a week and must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA as an Undergraduate or 3.0 as a Graduate student. On-campus student employment opportunities can be found on Hornet Career Connection.

Federal Work Study Student Orientation

Attending orientation will assist you with a seamless process in applying for available FWS opportunities at Sac State and learn about student employment opportunities on campus. Come hear about tips on finding the best job for you as quickly as possible. You only need to attend one session. 

To RSVP for a session, please log on to Hornet Career Connection.

  • Tuesday, September 5th / 2:00PM - 3:00PM / Lassen Hall 1013
  • Wednesday, September 6th / 2:00PM - 3:00PM / Lassen Hall 1013
  • Friday, September 8th / 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM / Lassen Hall 1013

Am I eligible to work on campus?

Undergraduate Student Requirements:
  1. Enrolled in a minimum of 6 units
  2. Must be eligible to work in the United States
  3. Must have a minimum 2.0 GPA
Graduate Student Requirements:
  1. Enrolled in a minimum of 4 units
  2. Must be eligible to work in the United States
  3. Must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA

Some student employment positions may require successful completion of a background check 

Where can I find on-campus student employment?

On-campus student employment can be found on the following websites:

Hornet Career Connection - ‘select On-Campus Student Employment Hiring’ Tab

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) - http://www.asi.csus.edu/employment/

University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI) - http://www.enterprises.csus.edu/human-resources/ueijobs/

How do I make myself a competitive student employment Candidate?

Finding a job on campus can be a very competitive process. To make yourself stand out in the application process be sure to submit a resume that is formatted professionally and clearly details your relevant skills and work history per the job description. Read the directions carefully to ensure that you are submitting ALL the appropriate documentation specified by the employer. To receive assistance formatting your resume professionally please refer to the Career Center’s Online Handbook or come to the Career Center located in Lassen 1013. 

What is Federal Work Study (FWS) and do I qualify for it?

Federal Work-Study is a federal grant that provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. You must first be awarded Federal Work Study (FWS) funds. To apply for FWS, you must submit your FAFSA as early as possible and indicate "yes" you are interested in the Work Study Program. You must then submit any and all documents requested by the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office as quickly as you can to complete your file. Completed files are awarded in a first-come first-serve order until the campus' allocation has been exhausted. FWS jobs are not guaranteed. To search for FWS jobs, you must create a Hornet Career Connection account.

Note: FWS funds are limited and not all interested students will receive an allocation

I am not FWS eligible, can I still work on- campus?

Yes, Hornet Career Connection houses both FWS and non FWS student employment position. 

How many on-campus student employment positions may I hold? 

You may only hold 1 federal work study (FWS) position. However you may hold multiple student employment positions as long as you do not exceed 20 hours a week during the academic year and 40 hours a week during winter intersession and summer. 

I have secured on-campus employment, what’s next?  

Congratulations on securing an on-campus student employment position! You will need to work with your new employer and the HR Student Employment Office (SEO) to complete your paperwork. The SEO is located in Del Norte Hall 3009. 

For More Information on On-Campus Student Employment,

Voun Sa
Employer Relations Specialist

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