Internships & Volunteerism

Internship Search Strategies & Resources

Begin finding an internship now using the steps below:

1. Career Connection: Career Connection is the Career Center’s free online job database. Employers list full-time, part-time, on-campus, professional, internship, cooperative education, seasonal, and volunteer opportunities.

  • To register, visit Career Connection
  • The username is your Saclink ID and the password is sacramento

photo2. Networking: Build your network through friends, family, classmates, alumni, colleagues, past supervisors, professors, neighbors, and community members. Remember to include the second level of networking contacts – people you know that know someone.

  • First, develop a “One minute commercial” about yourself that includes your occupation, company or field of interest, as well as your related school and work experiences. Share this statement with your network to determine if they are aware of any openings or additional contacts within your field of interest.
  • Utilize social networking sites such as or Be sure to keep your sites professional.

3. Informational Interviews: Gather information about an occupation or field of interest by talking to someone who has knowledge of or is currently working in the

  • Consider your network, social networking sites, professional associations, and Google to locate professionals in the field.
  • Call or email the contact person to explain that you are gathering information about the field. Out of courtesy, it is recommended to ask for thirty minutes or less.
  • Prepare questions in advance, such as “What is a typical day like in your line of work?”
  • Visit the Career Center for further information about informational interviewing, including a sample script and questions to use while conducting the interview.

4. Career Center’s Listservs: Sign-up for one or more of the Career Center’s Listservs for information on internships, job opportunities, and other programs and services related to your field.

1. Internship Opportunities, type: INTERNSHIPNEWS-L
2. Government Career Information, type: GOVCAREERS-L
3. Clean and Green Industry Career Information, type: CLEAN-GREENNEWS-L
4. Engineering/Computer Science Career Information, type: ECSCOOP-L
5. Health Field Career Information, type: HEALTHCAREERS-L
6. Social Services and Recreation Career Information, type: SOCIALANDRECCAREERS-L
7. Natural Science and Math Career Information, type: NSMCAREERS-L
8. Education Career Information, type: EDUCOOP-L
9. Criminal Justice Career Information, type: CJCAREERS-L

• Once you have filled in the Listserv name, select “Submit”
• You will then be asked to carefully enter your name and email address, as well as modify any subscription settings, although most people leave default values.
• Finally, Select “Join (Listserv name)” or “Leave (Listserv name)”

photo5. Career Center Events: The Career Center offers a variety of events to assist students in obtaining an internship.

6. Sacramento State Academic Departments: Check with Sacramento State academic department offices and faculty for leads on current internships and contacts in your field. Most departments have a faculty internship coordinator.

7. Trade and Professional Associations: Associations are groups of people who share a similar background in a particular occupation or industry. These groups often publish newsletters, career information, and articles containing information about the field. In addition, many offer grants and scholarships for undergraduate students.

  • Most associations offer discounted student membership rates. Ask your networking contacts about the association(s) to which they belong.
  • A useful publication found in the Career Information Library at the Career Center is National Trade and Professional Associations.

8. Online Internship Listing Sites: One method of searching for internships is to systematically review online resources that post current openings. Enter a keyword and geographic location.

9. Specialized Internship / Job Listing Sites: Most industries have specialized job posting Internet sites that list jobs and internships specific to that industry. Many times companies use these specialized sites exclusively to post positions.

10. Internet Search Strategies: Use Google to search for internships.

  • Try typing the academic field or industry and the word “internships” (e.g., biology internship).
  • Consider putting words together in the search using “allintitle:” (e.g., allintitle:marketing internship). By doing this, Google will provide results based on both words together in a search.
  • Enter the academic field or position and type “inurl:” before the word internship (e.g., animation inurl:internship). This will narrow results for the word ‘internship” in the url.
  • Consider associations or societies in your Google search (e.g., marketing association). Add the location, such as city or state, to further narrow the results.
  • Look for internships in specific companies (e.g., internship or sectors (e.g., internship site:*.gov).