Career Center Services

The goal of career counseling at the Career Center is to help students learn how to make informed decisions in their educational and career choices. Those decisions should reflect students’ personal goals, values, and interests, and should lead toward satisfying academic work in their major and a fulfilling career.

Together you can:

  • Choosing or changing a major or career path
  • Finding and applying for internships and other experiential learning opportunities
  • Learning job search strategies
  • Writing, critiquing, and revising resumes and cover letters
  • Learning and practicing interview skills, strategies and techniques
  • Assessing skills, values, and interests
  • Overcoming obstacles to achieving educational and career goals
  • Finding and applying for part-time jobs
  • Networking with professionals in a field of interest
  • Graduate school

Drop-in Services

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Drop-In Hours: Monday - Friday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

During work hours, the Career Center provides drop-in services for students. Drop-ins are 15-20 minute time slots available for students to visit the Career Center on a drop-in basis and meet with a Career Counseling Intern. Drop-in appointments are a great place to start when you come to the Career Center for the first time, as well as follow-up visits for immediate assistance. A drop-in visit is required prior to scheduling an individual appointment with a career counselor. You can meet with Career Counseling Interns during drop-ins and discuss such things as:

  • cover letters
  • resume critique
  • job search strategies
  • interviewing tips
  • choosing/changing a major
  • choosing/changing a career
  • researching the world of work
  • decision-making and goal setting
  • internships, part-time jobs, co-op positions
  • on-campus employment
  • relating majors to the world of work
  • planning for graduate school
  • employment trends

Career Counseling Appointments

Appointments can be arranged after meeting with a drop-in counselor.

Career counselors are available for individual appointments. They enjoy working with students who are choosing or changing their major, who want to learn about different occupations, who are looking for experience in a field of interest, who are preparing for their job hunt, or who just need to talk with someone about school and the decisions confronting them.

One-hour individual appointments can be made with professional staff in the Career Center by calling (916) 278-6231, or by talking with the front desk when you come into the Career Center in Lassen Hall 1013.

Practice for Interviews

You can practice your interviewing skills in a one-on-one session with a counselor. Make an appointment with the Career Center front desk by calling (916) 278-6231.

*Note: The Career Center will be closed for drop ins and appointments (10-4) on the following days due to Career Center events: Health, Science & Technology Career Fair, One-On-One Resume Review: Tips from the Experts, All Majors Career Fair, Educator Recruitment Expo, and the Fun in the Sun Internship Fair.

  • Please come dressed as you would for an actual interview and bring a copy of your resume.
  • The PFI session is done in a supportive environment. Our goal is to give you helpful interview techniques and allow you to ask questions and receive feedback regarding your interviewing skills.
  • All PFI sessions are confidential and conducted in an enclosed office or workshop room setting.
photo of student interacting a career counselor