Expressed Interest or Undeclared Students

Are you an Expressed Interest or Undeclared Student?

Are you in the process of choosing or changing your major?

Do you want to know the career options for the majors you are considering?

Visit the Academic Advising and Career Center, Lassen Hall 1013!

Career counseling services are available to assist undeclared and expressed interest students through the process of choosing and/or changing their major/career path. Career counseling services provide proven strategies and resources for choosing or changing a major, including:

1.)    Self-explorationExpressed Interest
2.)    Researching academic programs and options
3.)    Developing alternative plans to accomplish your goals
4.)    Identifying career options for your major and fields of interest
5.)    Relating your major to the world of work

Handouts and Resources
Choosing a Major Workshop
Choosing a Major Action-Steps
Undeclared Students Club

Avoid a registration hold
If you have 60+ units and have not declared a major, a registration hold will be placed on your record until you receive advising from the Academic Advising and Career Center. The Academic Advising and Career Center does offer workshops each semester. Attendance at this workshop will serve as the required advising session and will prevent a hold from being placed on your registration.

For more information contact the Academic Advising and Career Center, LSN-1013. If you are unable to attend a workshop or the dates have passed, utilize our drop-in services, Monday – Friday, 10 am - 4 pm, in the Academic Advising and Career Center, LSN-1013, 916.278.6231.