Insert a link

The WCM distinguishes between two types of links: internal and external

  • Internal links are links to other pages, images, and documents managed by the WCM. These are preferred because the WCM will make sure they never break.
  • External links are links to pages not managed by the WCM. They might be Sac State pages, but if they are not in the WCM, they are external.

To create a link, first highlight the text to be linked and click the "Create/Edit Link" button.

Screenshot of highlighted link text and the

Create an internal link

When the link dialog box appears (see below), click the blue page icon. If you are editing an exiting link, you can also click the page name.

Link dialog box, with the page selection buttons highlighted.

Select the page you want to link to (using the Asset Tree and Site Selector) and click "Confirm".

Screenshot of confirmation of the page you want to link to.

Click OK in the link dialog box to finish.

Create an external link

To create an external link, click the "External" tab in the link dialog box. Enter the full URL (including http://) in the URL box. Click OK when finished.

Create an email link

Email links are a special type of external link. To create an email link, go to the "External" tab and type "". Email links must begin with "mailto:" and end with the email address you're linking to.