Making a menu

The standard way to manage the navigation of a site is through the Navigation block in the _internal folder of a site folder.

Screenshot of Asset Tree, showing location of _internal folder and Navigation block

Click the "Edit" tab to edit the navigation block.

The block is organized as a collection of headings and bulleted lists.

  • The first link is always a link to the site home. It is a Heading 2.
  • The rest of the navigation is bulleted lists (nested up to 1 level) or headings.
  • Flyout menus can be created by using nested lists and applying the classes "sf-menu" and "sf-vertical" to the <ul> that is to be a flyout.f

The navigation block will appear different in the WYSIWYG editor than when it appears in the context of a page, as seen below.

Screenshot of WYSIWYG editor editing a menu. The bulleted list button, headings dropdown, along with example of h2, h3, and bulleted lists are highlighted.