Business Student Services

BizClubs & Organizations

The CBA has more than 15 business student organizations that provide social and professional networking, leadership opportunities, career enhancing events, meetings, events and fun activities.  BizClubs offer something for everyone - get involved today! Visit the BizClub List to view all clubs.


Current BizClubs:  Follow the steps below to register for the current semester. By registering, you will have access to a new set of BizClub Benefits and Services:
    • BizFest
    • Meeting Space in conference room in Tahoe Hall  
    • Free Event Promotion: Display info on LCD screens in Tahoe Hall, BizList, Facebook, Twitter and more
    • Eligibility to request help finding guest speakers

BizClub Registration & Officer Meetings

Club Registration
To enjoy the benefits offered by the CBA for BizClubs & Organizations, all BizClubs must register their Business Student Club/Organization with the CBA by the end of the 3rd week of each semester.

2014-2015 deadlines:
    • Fall 2014: Friday, September 19, 2014
    • Spring 2015: Friday, February 13, 2015

Checklist of Info you will need to have on hand:
    • All your club officer's names, titles, and email contact info
    • Club advisor name
    • Club website & email,
    • Club meeting times/locations
    • Frequency of elections
Club Officer Meetings

At least one Club Officer from your club/organization must attend the Club Officer meeting each semester. Club attendance is required for BizClub benefits.

2014-2015 meeting dates - TBD

All meetings held in Tahoe 1010

To RSVP for Club Officer Meetings

  1. Email Bonnie Burnell
  2. In subject line put: Fall Club Officer RSVP
  3. In body of the email, list name(s) of officers who will attend.
  4. Specify if vegetarian meal request.

BizClub Events Calendar

All BizClubs are encouraged to utilize the BizClubs Events Calendar by submitting your club events to the Business Student Services Office. We will add your event to the calendar and promote your event for free utilizing BizList, Facebook, Twitter and our electronic display boards around Tahoe Hall. 

Host a BizCafe

Each semester we will provide BizCafe for the student leadership of the CBA [BizClub Officers, Tutors, Ambassadors, and Scholarship Recipients].

BizCafe will provide free coffee & food, and most importantly networking with other leaders in the College of Business. We will also periodically invite members of the business community who would like to meet our top students. This will be a great opportunity to meet, talk, network while taking a quick study break.

Each club must host at least one BizCafe during the academic year. Hosting includes the following:
    • Picking up coffee/food
    • Helping promote the BizCafe to your club and the student leadership
    • Being present to facilitate the BizCafe event

Hosting may be shared by two clubs. Email Bonnie Burnell to sign up for your BizCafe.


BizClub Funding Request

BizClub Funding is currently unavailable. Please check back for updates.

BizClubs who are currently active and registered may be eligible to request funding from the CBA for events, meetings and/or projects. To be eligible to submit a funding requests, each club must:

  1. Register by the 3rd week of each semester by completing the online registration form in the registration section  above.
  2. Must have participated in the annuall fall kick off event, BizFest and volunteered at least 2 hours
  3. Submit your club events to be included on the BizClub Calendar
  4. Attend the Officer Meetings each semester with the CBA Dean and Director of Business Student Services
  5. Host one BizCafe per academic year
  6. Have submitted at least 5 photos for the electronic display boards per semester

If your club would like to request funding from the CBA, please complete the form below and submit to the CBA Business Student Services office, Tahoe Hall 1037 at least 6 weeks prior to your event. 


Request Help in Finding a Guest Speaker

Actively registred BizClubs may request the help of the CBA in finding a guest speaker for your club events.

Complete the BizClub Guest Speaker Request form and submit at least 8 weeks prior to your event and we will work to help you find the right person!