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Concentrations and Minors


The College of Business Administration (CBA) offers a broad, professional education in business. Students working toward the BS degree must select at least one of the 9 concentrations that are offered. In addition to concentration courses Business Administration students must also complete the Major Core requirements. Concentration courses should be taken concurrently with the Major Core after you enter the major. Many concentrations have prerequisites from the Major Core.

In order to advance into the upper division major/concentration students are required to completed the computer literacy and lower division business requirements. You must submit an application to the upper division major through the impaction process to move  into the upper division major/concentration.

The College of Business Administration has policies and procedures that are unique to our college. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the policies. Please visit the following link for the 3 most common policies.

For a brief description and course requirements for each concentration, please click on the concentration name. Concentration courses must be completed with a minimum C- grade, while maintaining a 2.0 average in the concentration.


The College of Business Administration offers various options for student wishing to pursue a minor in Business Administration. The first of the minors offered is a 24 unit minor in Business Administration for a student not majoring in Business Administration. The remaining minors are specialized business minors that are open to business majors and majors outside of Business Administration. A business student may complete a specialized minor as long as it is not the same as their concentration.

For a brief description and course requirements for each minor, please click on the minor link below:

Specialized Minors

A student wishing to minor in the College of Business Administration must file a minor request petition.