Bullying Materials


Whole School Approach

The materials on this site have been created for any teachers, K-12 to assist them as they address bullying within their classrooms, and their schools. The materials are based on past research and best practices. Most of the resources located on this site are free to use. We simply ask that you give us credit for any material that is utilized.

The materials on this site are based on the whole school approach response to bullying. The whole school approach is an evidence based approach that includes education and involvement of all stakeholders around bullying and sexual harassment prevention and intervention. Stakeholders include all staff, faculty and students, as well as parents and other community members. Only with everyone working together can lasting changes be made to transform the school cultural from one that supports bullying to one where all children feel safe.

The resources included throughout this website are intended to assist schools and teachers as they respond to bullying throughout their school. While the choices of how to respond and what programs to use are determined by the culture of the school. We offer key components to consider when addressing bullying at your school and in the classroom.


As you use the material in your classrooms, please let us know about your experiences by completing the online feedback survey, which will help to inform us as we edit and/or add resources to the page.

Grade Pages

We have established resources for grade ranges: K-3, 4-6, 7-12. For the K-6 grades, they are located on the same resource page, as many of the materials are similar, but for those that are not, we offer options. We also created a resource page that addresses sexual harassment explicitly, although there are a few items in the other pages have some materials that deal with sexual harassment.

Bullying Videos and Resources

In this section we have links to a video and accompanying resources for videos available to different age levels. A powerpoint and accompanying discussion information is also located online. A copy of the DVD's* can also be obtained by clicking here.

* At this time, we have a 7th-12th grade and 4th-6th grade videos created. We are completing a video for teachers on best practices for recognizing and responding to bullying, which will be finished Summer 2011. K-3rd will be created the following year, with an estimated completion date, Spring 2012.

References and Links:

We provide a list of book references, program websites, resource links and url's that deal with bullying policy (emphasis is on California, but will add more as we identify them).


We also offer both workshops and assemblies for schools in a format that will be conducive to assisting with changing the culture of a school, and helping to establish a safe learning environment.