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Doing Business with CCP


Clients can purchase CCP services by entering into a contract or purchase order. Several methods of payment are available.

Federal, Local Government, and Private Sector Contracting

The client and CCP project manager develop a project scope of work and budget. The Center’s administrative team processes the contract agreement. Sacramento State / CCP offers a standard agreement as one contracting method. The other is a client-generated contract; our Director of Administration works with clients to develop terms that are acceptable to Sacramento State.

California State Interagency Agreements

As a program of California State University, Sacramento, CCP offers the opportunity to provide services to other state agencies through a State of California Interagency Agreement. Refer to Section 3.03 of the California State Contracting Manual for further details. After developing a scope of work and budget, the CCP practitioner and state agency program manager, in cooperation with CCP’s Director of Administration, develop a draft Interagency Agreement. The Procurement & Contract Services office of Sacramento State then reviews and approves the agreement.

Purchase Order

Depending on agreed-upon terms of the purchase order, (“time and materials” or deliverable), the client receives one or more invoices from CCP for the amount specified on the purchase order upon completion. Certain dollar limits apply depending on the client’s financial threshold for purchase orders. For California state agencies, the maximum threshold is $50,000.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Depending on agreed-upon terms, (“time and materials” or deliverable), the client receives one or more invoices from the Sacramento State/CCP for the amount specified on the contract. Upon request, CCP can provide the client with a W-9 to help assist with this payee account set-up.

Credit Card

The Client receives one invoice from CCP for the total amount agreed upon in the finalized contract. Sacramento State’s Financial Services processes the credit card charge and the transaction amount will post to the client’s account within 1-2 business days.

For more information regarding CCP services and contracting, please contact: