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Collaborative Policy and Conflict Resolution

  • Assist government agencies and stakeholders to address their key interests and develop sound public policies.
  • Confidentially assess stakeholder interests and associated conditions to inform process design.
  • Mediate public policy and related conflicts among governmental and/or non-governmental stakeholders.
  • Find innovative solutions to complex policy dilemmas and build broad support for implementation.

Collaborative Public Participation

  • Create effective communication and dialogue between government agencies and the communities affected by their decisions.
  • Design engaging graphical materials to inform stakeholder communities.
  • Build capacity for effective communication and interaction between elected officials, agency leaders, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders.
  • Employ high and low tech methods to elicit public knowledge.

Strategic Planning, Visioning, and Organizational Development

  • Assist organizations to successfully navigate transition.
  • Help equip organizations to employ new strategies, methods, and systems.
  • Support organization leaders to achieve mission-critical roles and results.

Training Services

  • Deliver highly interactive, customized learning experiences related to collaborative processes.
  • Share knowledge to enhance collaborative problem solving skills.
  • Build capacity of all stakeholders to participate effectively in collaborative processes.

Research Services

  • Enhance the practice of collaborative policy processes and public engagement.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of collaborative projects.
  • Build the theory underlying collaborative democratic process.