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Rich Wilson

Portrait of Rich Wilson

Rich Wilson is a Lead Mediator / Facilitator for the Center. He brings extensive experience -- domestic and international -- in resource conservation, sustainable business and program management. The collaborative approach to his work creates durable alliances between resource managers, the private sector, conservation NGOs and diverse stakeholder interests. He specializes in coalition building, conflict resolution and institutional capacity building that supports natural resource management planning and policy development in both terrestrial and marine settings. His work spans more than a dozen countries and has resulted in improved marine protected area management capacity and performance; fishery management legislation and coastal development policy recommendations; sustainable tourism statues evolved from voluntary environmental performance standards; widespread reduction in anchor damage to tropical coral reef ecosystems; and pioneering partnerships among divergent stakeholder groups.

In his role as Lead Mediator at the Center, Rich currently works on a range of projects. He assists the Department of Fish and Wildlife in the development of a fishery management plan for the California spiny lobster. He also supports stakeholder-led groundwater management planning in the Santa Rosa Plain Watershed through facilitation of the initiative’s technical advisory committee. Most recently, he has begun to assist the Southern Sierra Regional Water Management Group in the collaborative development of an Integrated Resource Water Management Plan. In addition to his work at the Center, Rich coordinates a UN Environment Program sponsored mentorship network of marine protected area managers from across the Wider Caribbean, and regularly conducts trainings throughout the region.

Over the course of his career, Rich has designed and facilitated more than a hundred workshops, consultations and trainings on public policy and dispute resolution, sustainable business, resource conservation and management planning, and training of trainers. He has authored numerous publications that support collaborative public policy and sustainable resource use.

Rich holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from California State University, Chico. He currently serves on the Leadership and Resources Team of the Caribbean Marine Protected Area Managers Network and Forum. He is a Certified Professional Facilitator with the International Association of Facilitators and has completed training with the International Association of Public Participation and the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution.