California Common Core Standards (CCCS)

College-Eligible vs. College-Ready

Educators agree that the need to pivot from a college-eligible culture to a college-ready reality still exists.

With the onset of the California Common Core Standards (CCCS), it is an ideal opportunity to dismantle the "silos" at the respective educational institutions and to build an infrastructure of collaboration. It is quite clear that no institution alone can address college and career readiness in isolation because "readiness" itself is a process whereby students build onto and scaffold the knowledge they acquire through the K-12 and postsecondary education pathways. In other words, it is accumulative.

Don't Do It AloneIt is also widely agreed up that the CCCS are excellent standards that prepare students for success; however, they do not guarantee that alignment of the curriculum and postsecondary expectations will occur. With respective budgets decreasing, and access narrowing, 'business as usual' is no longer an option.

The "Don't Do It Alone" realization must be a mantra of sorts as we collectively move forward in redefining our separate priorities to a common cause and outcome.