About CCR Scholars

CCR Scholar Image

The CCR Scholars Program exists to assist high school students from partnering schools/districts in making a smooth transition to Sacramento State in order to successfully realize their dreams of earning a college degree in a timely fashion. CCR Scholars are integrated with the greater campus community and are provided a wealth of resources, namely:

  1. To engage students early in the skills and habits associated with meta-cognitive and reflective activities to deepen learning.
  2. To provide student with a single campus location that houses their needs, plans, and achievements. Additionally, the CCR will offer partnering schools, districts, and the community avenues for collaboration, resources, and data sharing.
  3. To provide students with a variety of opportunities for early identity formation, such as the e-Folio platform, which addresses their sense of belonging, connectedness and academic capability.
  4. Through the CCR, students will be encouraged to participate in First Year Experience opportunities so they have access to mentoring, academic support, and the college-going mindset.
  5. To provide students with social support, engaging them in campus culture and empowering them to build a diverse community that supports their personal and professional growth and reflects the global society in which we live.
  6. To provide students with leadership and advocacy opportunities to begin developing a professional "footprint" in the greater Sacramento community.