Benefits for Educators

  • EAP can be used as a component of a school program to encourage a college-going culture for all students in the school.
  • Schools and districts can use EAP results to assess the level of academic work they offer as compared with the expectations of post-secondary institutions.
  • Disaggregated EAP results can be used to examine the access to college-preparatory coursework across the school population. 

All students who may apply to a CSU or participating community college are encouraged to take the augmented tests. In addition, there are some pilot programs around the State exploring the use of EAP as a placement for college-ready work in the state's community colleges, giving students more incentive to participate in EAP testing.

Calibrated Peer Review
Calibrated Peer Review is a web-based program that enables frequent writing assignments even in large classes with limited instructional resources.

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