High School on Campus

Four-Year High School on Post-Secondary Campuses

This program establishes a four-year high school on a college or university campus. Here are three examples:

Contra Costa Middle College High School
Contra Costa Middle College High School is a four-year middle college high school on the Contra Costa College campus. Students beginning a the high school as a freshman may begin taking college course as that time.  By the time the student is a junior, he or she is taking a minimum of three college courses in addition to any remaining high school requirements. If students maintain their motivation and full-time enrollment, they will receive their high school diploma and their Associate of Arts degree within days of each other as high school seniors. With the correct selection of courses, they may then be able to begin upper division work at a baccalaureate granting university or move into a job and career.

California Academy of Mathematics and Science 
California Academy of Mathematics and Science is a four-year mathematics and science magnate high school located on the campus of California State University, Dominguez Hills in Carson, California. The Academy, with he support of Anneberg funding, has documented its efforts to provide an academically enriched environment with focus on mathematics, science, and technology for economically disadvantaged high school students in a series of video programs. Advanced students in the high schools can concurrently enroll in university classes. But the Academy focuses on a high quality high school program with concurrent enrollment opportunities as a minor component.

Preuss School
Preuss School is a charter public school on the campus of the University of California San Diego, is a middle and high school that seeks to increase the number of disadvantaged youths going to college by providing them with an academically rigorous, effective pre-collegiate education. It is essentially a University laboratory school that selects as its students those who are economically and educationally disadvantaged but who can demonstrate motivation and academia potential to attend a competitive university. The focus of this school is a strong 6-12 instructional program that is supported by weekly staff development and team meeting, tutoring, a climate of high expectations and a strong academic culture that uses University resources with a focus on personalized instruction. Undoubtedly, advanced students in this school would have the opportunity to enroll in university classes.