Joy SalvettiAbout the Director

The importance of college and career readiness has never been more significant in determining postsecondary retention and graduation success rates. However, the challenges posed by overall readiness and remediation still remain the greatest barriers to student success. In response, Sacramento State’s Center for College & Career Readiness (CCR) was established in 2012 to focus on student transition success, academic readiness, and the skill sets that students need in order to persist with grit and resiliency. Essentially, CCR’s focus is on students before they matriculate, those in the regional pipeline.

As the Center’s director, Dr. Joy Salvetti brings a wealth of experience in program planning, development, teaching, advocacy and philanthropy. Dr. Salvetti has been a member of the Sac State community since 1996. For ten years, she taught part-time in the Italian Department and in 2006 established the campus Guardian Scholars Program, which provides an integrated system of services for current and former foster youth.

Her experiences have taught her the importance of building infrastructures of collaboration, both internally and externally, as no institution or program can address college and career readiness in isolation. With this in mind, the Center for College & Career Readiness continues the mission of the Early Assessment Program (EAP) by implementing pathways to college success through the facilitation of regional partnerships. By working together, these regional partnerships are better poised to align curricula, expectations and standards between PreK-12, the community colleges, and our campus.

CCR Scholars, the Center’s own student support program, was recently established to continue those early connections made in high school. These students are provided ongoing support and a wealth of resources to assist them in making a smooth transition from high school to Sacramento State. Such resources include:

        •  A built-in social network and a 'home base' until they graduate.
        • Customized advising and mentoring designed to develop a student's college identity
        • Social support and opportunities to engage in the campus culture.
        • Leadership and advocacy opportunities to begin developing a professional "footprint" in the greater Sacramento community.
        • Experiences that connect student learning with career competencies.

In keeping with Sacramento State’s Strategic Plan to “increase the number of college-ready first year students” and “to partner with feeder K-12 schools districts to ensure college readiness upon admission,” CCR will be reaching out to the campus community with opportunities to work together, to leverage existing programs, and to seek innovative strategies. Please look for forthcoming news as the Center evolves and expands to meet the needs of current and future students.