Joy SalvettiJoy Salvetti

Joy Salvetti is the Director of the Center for College & Career Readiness (CCR) and the Early Assessment Program (EAP) at Sacramento State. The CCR focuses on creating new pathways to college success by implementing regional partnerships with the primary mission of aligning curricula, expectations, and standards between K-12, the community colleges, and Sacramento State. CCR's focus is on students before they matriculate; those in the regional pipelines.

The EAP was developed for high school juniors to measure their readiness for college-level English and mathematics and provides opportunities for them to improve these skills during their senior year. The goal of the EAP is for California high school graduates to enter the CSU system fully prepared to begin college-level study, with no remediation.

With the onset of the Common Core State Standards, the Grade 11 Smarter Balance assessment will be utilized instead of the CST/EAP as indicators of college readiness. However, since the assessment was only a small part of the Early Assessment Program, the regional partnerships, the ERWC, and SMI Professional Learning curricula and pedagogy, will continue to be a pertinent mechanism in aligning standards, curriculum, and expectations. In essence, the college-readiness assessment indicators under the Smarter Balance assessment are very similar to those under the EAP; hence, the main tenets of the EAP are still relevant and necessary.