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Center for College & Career Readiness


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Accelerated College Entrance
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College Ready is Life Ready 


The importance of college and career readiness has never been more significant in determining postsecondary retention and graduation success rates. There have been specialized campus programs that have had measurable success with particular cohorts of underrepresented students in improving academic performance; however, the challenges posed by overall readiness, remediation and retention still remain the greatest barriers to student success.

Sacramento State’s Center for College & Career Readiness (CCR), focuses on student transition success, encompassing academic readiness as well as the metacognitive skill sets that students need in order to persist with grit and resiliency.  With the rigorous Common Core State Standards in place, the CCR recognizes the importance of building an infrastructure of collaboration; as no institution alone can address college and career readiness in isolation. With this in mind, CCR’s main objective is to implement pathways to college success by facilitating regional partnerships with the primary mission of aligning curricula, expectations and standards between Pre K-12, the community colleges and Sacramento State. In essence, its focus is on students before they matriculate; those in the regional pipeline.