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Pictured below: (Left) CEC Director Dr. Dana Kivel, (Middle) Dr. Cornel West, (Right) Francine L. Redada.

Dr. Cornel West

Dr. Cornel West visited the Sac State campus bringing in more than 4,000 people eager to hear his speech during Constitution and Civic Engagement Week.


Sac State Volunteer pictured above painting a house for our Paint the Town 2015 event in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento 

Fall 2017

#ccep2017 @ccep2017 

All events are FREE to on-campus and off-campus community

September 17th marks the American federal observance of the date the U.S. Constitution that was signed in 1787.  Previously known as “Citizenship Day,” the official title was changed in 2004 to “Constitution and Citizenship Day.”  In 2005, a bill was passed that requires all publicly funded educational institutions and federal agencies to provide educational programming about this historical event.  At Sac State, we celebrate this through our Constitution and Civic Engagement Program (CCEP).  The theme for the 2017 program will be determined.

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