As you may or may not know, we have officially “shut down” our old CEC database and we also no longer run our student orientations through SacCT. As of the Fall of 2015, we now have one singular database developed by the CSU Chancellor’s Office known as S4. On our campus we have renamed S4 to be CECconnect. We have been working with technology colleagues from Sac State and the Chancellor’s Office to develop this system so it will be user friendly for both faculty and staff. Since this is a new system, we know it is not totally perfect, but we do believe it is fully functional. As you learn how to use this system, please do provide us with your feedback on how we can make the system and future trainings better.

A few key points to remember:

Step 1 – Register your course. The first thing you need to do is “register” your Service Learning course. This is done by clicking the box next to your course at the Faculty Center in My Sac State. Do this as soon as you know you’re doing Service Learning in your class.

Register change info

Step 2 – Connect your community partners with your course. Once you have checked the box, we need to work with IRT to upload all of your students into the CECconnect database. Within 48 hours of checking the Service Learning box, you should be able to do Step 2 of the process.

  • Go to the CEC website and click on CECconnect
  • Now, click on Log-in and after that, select your campus, and then sign on with your Saclink ID
  • Then, you are in “Manage your course” and from there, you need to pair community sites with your students and once that process is complete, YOU ARE DONE.

Step 3 – Tell your students to follow the same process of going to the CEC website and clicking on CECconnect. They then log in, review and sign: Code of Conduct, Assumption of Risk/Liability Waivers; and download Emergency Contact Forms (which get left with the community partner) and Time Logs which are used to track their hours. (Faculty, community partner and student must sign these forms AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER.) THEY ARE NOW READY TO GO OUT INTO THE COMMUNITY!