Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) provide faculty with a series of workshops focused on a specific aspect of professional development.  The Community Engagement Center offers two types of workshops for faculty interested in Service Learning.  The first is an FLC for Service Learning Novices.  In this year-long workshop series, faculty learn about the philosophy behind service learning, the process of creating partnerships with community organizations, constructing service learning experiences or projects, managing students in service learning projects, risk management processes, and many other details.  The FLC culminates in a new, fully developed syllabus for a course having a service learning component.  The CEC also offers an FLC for Service Learning Veterans.  This semester-long workshop focuses on refining a course which already has a service learning component.  Faculty discuss advanced strategies in project development, creative reflection assignments, troubleshooting challenging service learning situations, high impact practices, and much more.  Faculty in both FLCs receive professional development funds in support of their participation. 

For more information about Faculty Learning Communities, please contact Dr. Dana Kivel, Director of the Community Engagement Center at kivelb@csus.edu.