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Service Learning for Faculty


  •   Do you want to find ways to make a difference in the Sacramento region?
  •   Do you care about bridging the gap between theory and practice?
  •   Are you interested in finding a way to connect students to understanding and addressing social and community issues?
  •   Would you like to create overlap between your scholarly work and community needs?

If you can answer yes to any of the above, then Service Learning may be for you!

 Service Learning

Service Learning is a teaching method that faculty use to help students deepen their understanding of course material. Stu­dents participate in on- or off-campus activities and experiences at a business, non-profit, or governmental setting (also known as Community Partners). They participate in these activities in order to respond to social problems.


In Service Learning, students are asked to articulate how the service experi­ence affirms, expands, integrates, or calls into question the academic content of the course. Students consider these issues through the process of structured reflections. This form of experiential learning or learning by doing is mutually beneficial to the student and the community partner.

Your students will benefit from Service Learning in many ways!  It provides students with:


·         Opportunities to deepen their understanding of classroom material and apply it beyond the classroom

·         Experiences to strengthen resumés and/or graduate school applications

·         Career exploration opportunities

·         Professional networking resources and opportunities

·         Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

·         Strengthened communication skills (both written and oral)

·         Opportunities to develop empathy (understanding the expe­riences and situations of others)

·         Tools to build and strengthen leadership qualities and skills

·         Problem solving and conflict resolution skills

·         Heightened awareness of the complexities of social problems and social issues


Community Engagement Center staff are available to assist interested faculty with finding a community partner; developing a service learning course, syllabus, and outcome assessment tools; placing students at community partner sites; integrating community-based learning into your retention, tenure, and promotion file; handling issues of risk management for your students, and much more. 


To learn more, please contact us at or join one of our Faculty Learning Communities on Service Learning.

To download and view the Service Learning Toolkit click here.