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Get out the Vote  

Two Sac State volunteers help with voter canvassing in low-voter turnout neighborhoods.

 SOL Community Garden

 Sac State volunteers participated in gardening projects to help beautify the Oak Park SOL Community Garden.

Are you a Sac State student looking for a different kind of winter/spring break experience?  Then check out Sac State Alternative Break.  We offer opportunities to volunteer with local, community-based organizations.

During Sac State Alternative Break, participants provide much needed services to diverse communities, while helping students build skills and develop great friendships.

Alternative Break is a flexible commitment. You can choose to work from one day to all week, depending on your availability. We hope you consider working with us the whole week.

All majors and experience levels welcome.


Alternative Break Photo Gallery

Alternative Break 2017:

Monday, March 20th to Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Alternative Break Photo

Alternative Break 2016:

Monday, March 21st to Friday, March 25th 

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Alternative Break 2015:

Monday, March 23rd to Friday, March 27th, 7:00 AM - Noon: Wellspring Women's Center

This image is linked to a photo album for the Alternative Break Wellspring Women's Center eventWellspring Women's Center provides women and children free healthy meals in a safe environment Monday through Friday. Students who volunteered helped prepare and serve food to the community and volunteered at the Kids Corner.



Monday, March 23rd to Friday, March 27th, 2015, 1pm - 5pm - Oak Park SOL Community Garden

This image is linked to a photo album for the Alternative Break Oak Park SOL Community Garden event​Oak Park SOL Community Garden is a neighborhood garden that needs some assistance.  Students volunteering for Alternative Break helped create a new Welcome area, planted fresh flowers, created a Children's Garden and built an outdoor kitchen for the community of Oak Park to enjoy.


Click here to view all the photo albums prior to Spring 2015.