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Community Engagement Collaboration Forum: November 20, 2009

On November 20, Community Engagement Center hosted a community-based meeting as a continutation of our August 2009 town hall. During the town hall, our partners shared a desire to continue conversations between the University and community, with a special interest in meeting beyond the walls of the University. In response, Community Engagement Center facilitated the Community Engagement Collaboration Forum for our campus and community partners, hosted at Lilliput Children's Services in Sacramento. This was an open discussion with a focus on collaboration; the facilitator helped to shape the conversation with leading questions on Safety Net, partnerships, and capacity building.

See Forum Outcomes (PDF)


Community Assets

Special skills, programs, resources, etc. that serve the community as identified by our Community Partners.

Community Needs

The following Safety Net resources address the four key questions of our Town Hall discussion:

  1. What are the needs within the community?
  2. Who is meeting these needs?
  3. What are the challenges and infrastructure barriers to meeting unmet needs?
  4. How can University and Community partner to better support existing community assets and address unmet needs with a measurable impact?