Service Learning for Community Partners

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Community Engagement Center's  partner organizations play a significant role as co-educators for Sacramento State students through service learning. As one in 26 Capital Region residents is a Sacramento State Alumnus, our community partners are contributing to an educated and prepared regional work force.

Community Engagement Center works closely with local non-profits, schools and government agencies building long-term, sustainable partnerships that promote service and engagement for Sacramento State students, faculty and staff.

Community Engagement Center offers service learning courses through each college within Sacramento State. For a list of our most recent courses and partnerships, please select the link below. The list will be updated often as additional courses are offered.

Service Learning Courses and Project Descriptions

List of Community Partners

Why Sacramento State Partners with Community Organizations:

  • Enhance student learning
  • Improve quality of life in the region
  • Increase relevance of programs and services
  • Add public purposes to research agendas
  • Attract new resources for campus and community
  • Link campus and community in common purpose
  • Build public understanding and support
  • Increase student enrollment

Why Organizations Partner with Sacramento State through Service Learning:

  • Foster civic awareness
  • Tap into academic expertise as a resource for progress
  • Promote economic stability/growth
  • Improve services and outcomes
  • Gain new perspectives on program services
  • Build a responsive, revitalized workforce
  • Create new community networks

Community Partners as Co-educators

student, community partner, and woman discuss art at Wellspring, 2007Community partners complement faculty teaching by linking community-based experience with classroom-based learning. Service learning projects focus on knowledge exchange, shared learning and capacity building. The engaged community partner values student/faculty involvement in the work of the organization, participates in planning of activities, communicates limitations/expectations clearly, and provides necessary supervision/support for students.

Our Services

Community Engagement Center partners with organizations that provide service to underserved, underrepresented populations throughout the Sacramento Region. The Center provides a variety of support services and assists community partners with:

  • Identifying program specific service needs
  • Coordinating placement logistics
  • Connecting to Sacramento State resources and expertise
  • Risk management (identify areas of liability, registering service learning courses, securing consent and waiver forms from students, TB testing, etc.)

Key Considerations

Service learning is based on the University’s academic schedule. Activities range 20-60 hours of service over a ten week period, usually mid-September through early-December in the fall and mid-February through early-May in the spring.

The planning process must start a few months before the academic semester begins to work out logistics and establish a formalized partnership. Partnership development takes substantial lead time to connect with a faculty member, and to develop a project that meets both the community need and the learning objectives of the course.

Once established as an official partner by Community Engagement Center, your organization will be added to a list of eligible community partners for faculty to select from each semester. Service learning course offerings, learning objectives and student placements may vary.

Getting Started

If you are new to our program, please contact us to get started. We look forward to learning about your organization and partnership needs.

In order for a student to be placed with a community partner the Community Partner Profile (CPP) and Service Learning Agreement (SLA) must be complete and on-file with Community Engagement Center. Before attempting to fill out these forms, please email or call (916) 278-4610.Service Learning Handbook for Community Partners

Community Partner Profile – The Community Partner Profile provides general contact information of your agency and addresses areas of placement logistics and volunteer policies. Community Engagement Center provides pertinent information from the CPP to your partnering faculty. This information assists faculty to integrate the service learning project into their course curriculum as well as to disseminate appropriate information to the participating service learning students. The CPP helps community partners and Community Engagement Center to address areas of risk management and placement logistics. Once the CPP is received and approved by the center, Sacramento State Procurement and Contract Services will contact your identified legal signatory to complete the Service Learning Agreement.

Service Learning Agreement –The Service Learning Agreement is a contract between the University and the community partner. This agreement is valid only when signed by the legal signatory of behalf of the community partner and Sacramento State Procurement and Contract Services. All contract negotiations are facilitated through Procurement and Contract Services.

We look forward to learning about your organization and  partnership needs. If you have any questions, please email or call (916) 278-4610.