Service Learning for Students

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Why Students Engage in Service Learning:

student helping little girl learn letters

Service learning (SL) provides students with:

  • Experiences to strengthen resumes and/or graduate school applications 
  • Career exploration opportunities
  • Professional networking resources and opportunities 
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Strengthened communication skills (both written and oral)
  • Enhanced academic understanding
  • An opportunity to apply academic content to real situations
  • Opportunity to develop empathy (understanding the experiences and situations of others)
  • Tools to build and strengthen leadership qualities and skills
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Heightened awareness of civic and social issues

Getting Started:

Fingerprinting and TB Testing

Community partners sometimes require fingerprinting and/or TB testing. For information about these two requirements please visit our website

Community Engagement Center offers service learning courses through each of the colleges within Sacramento State.  For a list of our current courses and partnerships, please select the link below.  The list will be updated often as additional courses are offered, so please check back frequently.  Sacramento State students may register for courses through MySacState.

Service Learning Courses and Project DescriptionsList of Community Partners


Students participating in SL course(s)/project(s) that require the student to go off campus (“direct” service learning) are required to complete the forms listed below. Please select the links below to download each form. Please pay careful attention to the instructions provided and the process for submitting completed forms. Faculty may choose to hold grades until all forms are complete and submitted. 

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Student Service Learning Orientation

NOTE: Community Engagement Center staff will administer these forms for each of your courses offering direct service learning.  Students will be provided with a copy of each of the forms listed below when they complete the online Student Service Learning Orientation(separate from the placement site orientation). Students age 18 or over will electronically sign and submit the student “guidelines” and “consent” forms during the online orientation; students udner the age of 18 will be able to print out a relase for minors to be completed by a legal parent or guardian and returned to Community Engagement Center in Library 4028, prior to beginning service learning.

Student Service Learning Survey

Community Engagement Center is continuing implementation of a pre-service and post-service online assessment tool examining student attitudes, perceptions, and experiences in service learning coursesand programs.Student Survey Students, please come back to this page upon completion of your service to fill out the post service survey. The pre-service survey is available during the first five weeks of each semester. The post-service questionnaire is available during the the last four weeks of the semester.

  • Please complete all paper forms using BLUE or BLACK ink. Students should retain a copy of these forms for their records. A separate form must be submitted for each service learning course in which a student participates. NOTE: Due to the nature of the indirect service, Writing Partners program students do not need to submit the emergency contact or time log forms.

  • Student Guidelines and Limitations – Students must complete this form and submit to Community Engagement Center prior to engaging in service learning at the placement site.  Students need to identify their professor and the course name and section, for example, BIO 184 - 5; not the full course title (i.e. General Genetics) or the five digit class registration number. As of fall 2010, students will electronically sign and submit this form through the online service learning orientation.

  • Informed Consent, Agreement, Release, Waiver of Liability, and Assumption of Risk - This form is for students who are currently at least 18 years of age. These students must sign and complete this form, including contact phone number and Saclink ID/Saclink email address, and submit to Community Engagement Center prior to engaging in service learning at the placement site. As of fall 2010, students will electronically sign and submit this form through the online service learning orientation.

    • DID YOU KNOW Saclink is your official means of communication with the University? Not only does it help identify you as a member of the campus community, but it also helps to prevent your personal email accounts from disappearing to our junk mail. Not yet using or having trouble with your Saclink account? Contact the IRT Help Desk at (916) 278-7337 or visit

  • Under 18 - Parental Informed Consent, Agreement, Release, Waiver of Liability, and Assumption of Risk for Minors – This form is for students who will not be at least 18 years of age prior to starting the service learning activity. For students who are currently under the age of 18, their parent or legal guardian must sign and complete this form. Please include the student's contact phone number and Saclink ID/Saclink email address, and submit to Community Engagement Center prior to engaging in service learning at the placement site. If the student turns 18 during the course of the current semester, he/she will need to return to Community Engagement Center (located in Library 4028) to sign a new Informed Consent prior to continuing service learning activities.

  • Emergency Contact and Information Form – This form must be on file at the placement site prior to the student starting their service hours. Only one form needs to be on file (either Community Engagement Center’s or one provided by the site). The emergency form is completed by the student and submitted directly to the placement site; this form is not submitted to Community Engagement Center.  Students are responsible for notifying the placement site of any medical information or emergency contact changes. All information provided is kept confidential and will only be used should you need medical assistance in the case of an emergency; should you be unable, the agency may need to provide information to medical providers on your behalf. Students may request that the community placement site either return or destroy this form at the end of the service learning term.

  • Time Log – This form is used by students, the community partner, faculty, and Community Engagement Center to assist in tracking number of hours served by students at the placement site.  This form also serves a risk management function by keeping a record of when students were providing service at the site.  If an incident occurs at the site, the University and the community partner can use the time log to cross check the placement site sign-in records and verify if the student was at the site when a specific incident occurred. The form should be kept at the site, and logged everyday the student does service.

    • This form may be used in conjunction with (though cannot be replaced by) a separate sign in log used at the placement site. If the student requires an additional or replacement timelog, it should be downloaded from this site - modified timelogs, except those provided by Community Engagement Center, are not accepted.

    • Service learning hours may only be completed at one placement site; however, students may have more than one site supervisor (i.e. the student assists more than one classroom/teacher at an elementary school).  Students who have multiple site supervisors must complete a separate log for each site supervisor.

    • Students are responsible for tracking the actual hours served at the placement site (travel time is not included. ) Once service learning hours have been completed, students must sign the time log and obtain the verification/approval signatures of their faculty (Sacramento State course instructor) and their placement site supervisor.

    • Submission deadline: Students are responsible for submitting completed time logs to Community Engagement Center no later than the Friday immediately preceding finals week. If hours are completed earlier than the stated deadline, students are encouraged to submit time logs to Community Engagement Center as soon as their hours are completed and their time logs have been signed. Faculty may also require the student submit to them a copy of the time log for grading purposes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q. What if I do not want to sign the student service learning forms?

  2. Q. I already work/volunteer at the community partner site.  Can I submit my work/volunteer hours as service learning hours?

  3. Q. I am not interested in (or my schedule won’t allow me) doing service learning at the community partner placement sites identified by my faculty.  Can I complete my hours at another site?

  4. Q. Can I complete my hours at more than one site?

  5. Q. I volunteer(ed) at one of the identified community partner sites and have an emergency form on file.  Do I need to complete a new one? 

  6. Q. My professor already gave me a copy of a time log.  Do I need this one?