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Jacob Guinn

Student Spotlight, August 2011

Jacob preparing food at Meals on Wheels by ACC through Alternative Break spring 2011.

As a senior Communication Studies major with a concentration in Mass Media, Jacob Guinn wants to see people communicating. Through volunteering, Jacob enjoys the opportunity to observe different forms of communication in action, particularly when "working with different individuals or seeing diversity in the people we serve."

In addition to volunteering three times a week teaching martial arts to a junior class of 5-7 year olds, Jacob volunteers through Sac State Serves and Alternative Break. One of his first events was working with Habitat for Humanity during the winter 2011 Alternative Break, and while they didn't build a house like he originally thought (supporting the Sacramento ReStore instead), they did build "constant, instant friendship and communication between volunteers." Through Community Engagement Center programs, Jacob has since volunteered with Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, Meals on Wheels by ACC, Sacramento Ronald McDonald House, and the Sacramento County Animal Shelter.

Jacob assitisitng with WMA field events through Sac State Serves.

Jacob has found his most rewarding and memorable volunteer experience so far to be the World Masters Athletic Championships in July. With over ninety countries present, he was attracted to the international scene that was brought to Sac State and the opportunity to gain a broader understanding of many different cultures. Having volunteered fifteen hours over the course of two days, Jacob had the opportunity to serve in multiple roles. Jacob feels that his greatest impact was in the little things, such as packing bags for the athletes at event check-in, because, "to help behind the scenes makes me feel like an important part of something bringing people together."

As an added bonus he stated, "I'm building up my wardrobe of volunteer wear," referring to the many event shirts and memorabilia Jacob has acquired. "To be a part of an event - to wear the shirt that says 'Volunteer' - is kind of cool."

Jacob feels it is important for people to experience the feeling of putting someone else's needs before your own and that, "When staffing or budgeting issues make volunteers necessary… from a neighborhood standpoint [one should] help." Jacob views volunteering as a rewarding experience for all involved; for those being served a need is being fulfilled and for the volunteer it adds variety to an everyday routine and offers a unique learning experience.
Jacob intends to continue participating in community service efforts, so he can build experience through as many different venues as possible. He would also like to step into a leadership role as an Alternative Break team leader, allowing him to pass on his knowledge to new volunteers.

Jacob at 2011 "S.O.S. 'Flea Market'" with Sac State Serves.

Eventually, Jacob would like to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies at Sac State, and have a career in which he could do research to improve communication for businesses. He believes that having been involved with volunteering has helped prepare him for these goals because, "it has given me the chance to interact with other students and people [and] opens new doors with the community."

Jacob plans to graduate in fall 2011.

Contributed by A. Hamilton


Each year, more than two thousand Sacramento State students, faculty, staff, and alumni participate in programs and projects sponsored by Community Engagement Center. Programs such as Alternative Break, AmeriCorps Students in Service, Sac State Serves, and Service Learning fulfill our mission to facilitate learning and engagement by linking campus and community for mutual benefit. Through Spotlight, Community Engagement Center will highlight outstanding individuals and programs advancing community engagement in the Sacramento region.

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last updated: 8/11/2011