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Americorps student working togetherStudents in Service (SIS) began in 1997 as the HELP (Higher Education Learning Partners) program with funding from the Corporation for National & Community Service. With goals to foster civic engagement among higher education students, promote the National Service movement, and encourage positive relationships between campuses and communities, program administrator Washington Campus Compact (WACC) later expanded the program from Washington to college campuses in over 21 states.

Students in Service met critical community needs by engaging higher education students in service. Students served in partnership with schools and non-profit community-based organizations in the areas of education, human needs/services, the environment, public safety, and community development. With options for 300, 450, and 900-hour service terms, Students in Service members were eligible to earn up to $2,775 in education awards (tuition scholarships). With rising tuition costs, and competing interests, Students in Service strove to make service a viable opportunity for students.

Education Awards by Year

Per Hour-Based Term of Service

  • 2011-12 Ed Award:
    300hrs = $1,175
    450hrs = $1,468
    900hrs = $2,775
  • 2010-11 Ed Award:
    300hrs = $1,132
    450hrs = $1,415
    900hrs = $2,675
  • 2009-10 Ed Award:
    300hrs = $1,000
    450hrs = $1,250
    900hrs = $2,362

Member award access: MyAmeriCorps
For assistance contact the National Service Trust at 1-888-507-5962.

Through the program's termination on February 29, 2012, Community Engagement Center’s Students in Service program supported Sacramento State students engaged in a variety of non-paid engagement efforts, including Academic and co-curricular service activities and practicum hours such as social work, counseling, physical therapy, and teacher credential fieldwork.

Between program years 2006 - 2011, 415 students committed to serve 215,850 hours, making them eligible for over $624,000 in education awards. An additional 56 students earned over $50,850 during the 2011/2012 program year prior to the program termination. Not only did Students in Service help these members offset student loan and tuition expenses through education awards, the program enabled students to Build organizational capacity at non-profit, government, and educational institutions; Increase the number of college student volunteers; and Develop members' and students' civic skills, attitudes, and habits.

Recent program graduates have shared the following perspectives:

Students in Service helped me realize that there is a great need for volunteers in the community.  Having the financial support of Students in Service has allowed me to focus all of my time and effort into making my community service better.” Ernesto, 900-hour term member

“This organization has allowed me to maintain my focus on the educational opportunities provided by my internship experiences, which ultimately improves my skill and capacity for service in the future.”  Lyle, 900-hour term member

“[AmeriCorps] allowed me to go into culturally, linguistically and socioeconomically diverse classrooms and learn what it is to be a great teacher. … I would recommend AmeriCorps to anyone searching for an authentic and valuable experience in a community near them.  There is no replacing the experience I had through AmeriCorps.” Sondra, 450-hour term member

“AmeriCorps has helped improve my education because it has allowed me to work with all sorts of patient populations which has helped to increase my desire to help others. … I have impacted the community by helping others to learn how to walk again, dress themselves again, compensate after a stroke, use a walker or crutches, and get in and out of bed.” Bryce, 300-hour term member

“I have had patients express gratitude towards me for having a positive attitude and having faith in their physical ability when everyone else had given up on them. … My patients have touched my life equally as I have touched theirs, and my experience has benefitted my educational experience more than I can describe.” Shelby, 450-hour term member

“Being a part of AmeriCorps and helping others has been an excellent experience for me and gave me a new appreciation for helping others.  The AmeriCorps program encouraged me to help non-profit organizations … [and] has given me a stronger passion for my future career. Being able to have a positive affect on a person’s life is the most rewarding thing I can think of.  One patient even told me, ‘You gave me my life back’.” Lisa, 450-hour term member

“My hope is that the AmeriCorps program at CSU Sacramento will continue to offer this opportunity to students like me in the future. The experience of working with people in my community was priceless as it truly allowed me to see another side of my community and to make a difference while I also continued to learn and progress towards my goal of becoming a physical therapist.” Telan, 450-hour term member

We are proud of the contributions made in the past, present, and future by our members, and champion their continued success academically, professionally, and in service.

For additional information on Students in Service, award information through MyAmeriCorps, or to share your thoughts on the program termination, please visit

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last updated: 3/27/2012