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Service Learning
Fingerprinting and TB Testing

Some service learning placement sites may require background checks, fingerprinting and/or proof of a recent TB test. The agency/school will let you know at the on-site placement orientation whether fingerprinting and TB testing are required before beginning service.


Community-based organizations and schools may require fingerprinting before beginning your service learning hours. Generally, fingerprinting and background checks are not transferrable between service sites; even if you've been recently fingerprinted for another agency, if fingerprinting is required you may need to be re-fingerprinted prior to starting your service. Your service learning placement site will provide information on its fingerprinting policies and forms during your on-site placement orientation, and should direct you on where you can go to get fingerprinted.

Many school sites will have you go to the district office and should directly cover the costs of the fingerprinting for service learning students. Local non-profits that require fingerprinting may recommend specific Live Scan sites, which may charge you "rolling fee." Sacramento State Public Safety/Campus Police also offers fingerprinting on campus with a $10 rolling fee. Visit the Sac State Live Scan website for information about fingerprinting, description of fees, and to schedule an appointment.

TB Testing

Many service learning placement sites require proof of a recent TB test. Sacramento State students can receive a free TB skin test at the Student Health Center. You must make an appointment online via the online portal. Appointments are available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so results can be read later in the week.

last updated: 02/26/2014