Who are the Professors?

Many new students feel nervous meeting their professors. After all, these are highly educated people, leaders in their field, scholars and experts in complex subjects. It can be intimidating walking up to one of your professors to ask a question. However, one thing you will find about the professors at Sac State is that they really care about your success and they are very willing to help you and get to know you.

A few tips on working with your professors:

Work Hard. Work hard and truly make the effort to learn. College graduates will always tell you that you will get as much out of your classes as you are willing to put in. Give yourself the chance to go the extra mile. This is also true in communicating with your professors. The more effort you make, the more you'll get back in return. So make a great effort—you won't be sorry.

Make Use of Office Hours. Go to your professor's office during the hours they're scheduled to be there. Professors maintain office hours for good reason: they want you to succeed and are open to further helping you outside of class time. If you don't understand a concept or assignment, or have any other class-related issue, don't hesitate to communicate with your professor.
Go to Class and Be On-time. Go to class regularly, and be on-time, every time. There is no bell on a college campus. You don't have to get a "tardy-pass" if you are running late. But if you come into class late, you run the risk of disrupting class and missing information provided earlier. Many professors take attendance, and excessive tardiness and absences can bring down your course grade. Perhaps more than anything, though, missing class and being late makes you look bad. Be professional, go to class, and be on time.
Be prepared.Be aware of what's going on in class. Read and re-read course materials including syllabi, assignments, and unit schedules in advance. If you do, you will get much more out of the lecture. This is not only the professional thing to do, but the thing that will help you learn and master the material. Get in this habit while you are a student and reap the rewards in the business world.
Tune In/Turn Off. Tune into what's going on in class every day—give it your full attention—and turn off your cell phone, Blackberry, laptop, iPod, or anything else with an on/off button. Although you're used to multitasking, you should give your full attention to the professor and class activities to make sure you get the most out of them. Professors usually have a policy regarding these items in class: they typically don't want you to use them while class is in session.

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