Eating and Shopping

Where to Eat

Sac State has several shops and many restaurants that provide a wide variety of on-campus food, study supplies and other convenience services for our active, busy students.

In terms of a meal, you can choose between fast food "on the run," casual sit-down dining, or the occasional full-service meal served at our dining room by waiters who treat you like a VIP. For snacks, we offer vending machines, outdoor carts, convenience stores, food courts, restaurants, and coffee-houses.

For other stuff you might need or want, Sac State's bookstore is a good "catch-all" place. The state-of-the-art Hornet Bookstore sells everything from textbooks, school supplies, other books and magazines to computers and software. There, you can also find Sac State apparel and gifts, basic necessities and last-minute purchases such as cold medicine, gum, batteries, and greeting cards. "The Store" in the University Union offers similar basic necessities, along with snacks, drinks, and test materials. Sac State also offers students a hair salon and day spa, bike shop, copy center, and a ticket office for both university and off-campus events. And there's more—the ASI Student Shop offers items such as graduation caps and gowns, student health insurance, and discount movie tickets. Students can even check out laptop computers there (and at two other places on campus—the Library, and the AIRC).

For a closer look at the University's offerings, take a campus tour! Click here for more information.
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