Getting Into College

Considering Sac State?

Great choice! Each year well over 30,000 students apply to Sacramento State, and we enroll about 7,000 new students each fall. Our overall student body of almost 29,000 comes from a rich and diverse background that reflects the state of California. Why not come to our beautiful and well-respected campus here at the state capitol? Remember, leadership starts here!

Now that you're wrapping up your last four years of high school, you have one of your most important lifetime decisions to make: where will you continue your education? If you have spent the time and effort to take and pass college prep classes and keep your grades up, then Sacramento State is a great place to consider. Please check out our online presence to see if Sac State is an excellent next step for your personal and professional development. If it is, we want you as a part of our community, and we want to help you learn and succeed.

Once you get to know Sac State, we’re sure you will feel the pride of becoming a Sacramento State student, and getting in is just the beginning. Our Office of Admissions and Outreachwill provide you with the support you need to take your first steps towards success.

Campus Tours

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Getting In Intro Video

Want to know how to get in?

Getting in can be as easy as 123. Play the video above to find out how.


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