Why Sac State?

When imagining your college journey, you should not picture yourself speeding down the freeway, hunting for a parking place, and running off to class. Instead, you should think of yourself peacefully sitting under a tree studying, or drinking a warm cup of coffee with a friend and discussing the morning's lecture or last night's film. Those kind of idyllic scenes are easy to find at Sac State. Our campus consists of over 300 acres of lush scenery packed with over 3000 types of trees and other plants. The east side of campus butts up against the American River, spanned at mid-campus by the historic Guy West Bridge, and flanked by the well-known American River Bike Trail which snakes across the Sacramento valley for miles. And although the campus is large, it's small enough to easily walk from class to class without worrying about being late, or wearing yourself out. But don't just trust us that the campus is beautiful—sign up for a campus tour or visit us in the fall for our annual preview day!
At Sacramento State, we pride ourselves in offering 60 undergraduate programs and over 30 graduate programs. Whether you decide to study business or communication, fulfill your creative side through a program such as art or photography, delve into the Humanities with languages, history, or philosophy, or prepare yourself for a career in nursing, psychology, or social work, Sac State can meet your academic and career needs. We strive to create a culture where students get to know their professors and vice versa through our small classroom settings. It's very important to us that our large campus maintains a small-school feel. Although we have around 29,000 students, our student to teacher ratio is 28 to 1. And, with the capitol and business district only minutes away, we offer a wide variety of internships relating to several majors.
With so much to gain your question should no longer be “Why Sac State”, but rather “How do I get in?”
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