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The college experience provides you with an opportunity for you to achieve your dreams and be successful. At first, the adjustment to college can seem like a lot to handle, but Sacramento State has many support services designed to help you make it on your own. We offer many programs and resources to foster your personal wellbeing and to assist with your everyday concerns. Make the effort to reach out for help. We're confident our array of services will help make your transition to college a smooth one.


Either way, we have the answer for you—your success is our first priority. Sacramento State staffs a Writing Center that assists students in any discipline. The University also offers several different options for individualized math tutoring (such as through Learning Skills, Accounting, Mathematics and Statistics, and more). In addition to more general tutoring services, several departments offer major-specific tutoring as well. If you need support in choosing classes, choosing a major, time-management, or dealing with personal concerns, our helpful counselors, peer advisors, and peer mentors can help guide you as you fulfill your goals at Sacramento State. Connecting with various campus centers will enrich your experience on campus as you work to realize your dreams of a higher education.

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