How do I get help with my classes?

There are many ways for you to get academic help at Sacramento State. The campus Writing Center and Math Tutoring Center are just two examples of the many academic support services available (for free) to any student. Several departments on campus offer more specific free tutorial services, such as the departments of Chemistry, Business Administration, Economics, and Social Work to name a few.
For ease of navigation, the array of tutoring services available to you is provided in the University Retention Brochure, which can be accessed at .
In addition to tutoring, Sac State also offers more formal, structured academic help called "adjunct courses" for certain general education and major classes. Adjunct courses reinforce course material and provide students with assistance in preparing for class examinations and course projects. You can enroll in a one-credit adjunct course at the same time as you enroll in the primary three (or more) credit course. Some of the classes that offer adjunct courses include Statistics, Chemistry, and Economics. In general, an adjunct course is "extra" support; it gives you opportunities to receive extra help through a peer-assisted learning approach.

The campus also offers numerous computer labs available for student use on the campus, as well as a Laptop Loan Program if you need to use a computer. In addition, free wireless internet is available across campus for Sacramento State students.


Link to tutorial services and other resources:

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Adjunct Classes (Supplemental Instruction)
Computer Labs
Laptop Loan Program

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