How do I make it on my own?

Entering college means you have more freedom than ever before, but this freedom also comes with responsibilities. The campus has many resources available to help students adjust to college and to living on their own. As you begin your first year at Sac State, you may have questions such as these:

  • How do I manage my time?
  • How do I manage my money?
  • How do I manage stress?

At Sacramento State, there is a wide range of faculty and professional staff who can help you answer these questions. Students taking First Year Seminar learn important time-management skills during the First Year Experience Program, and similar workshops are available to any student through the Academic Advising Center. In addition to managing your time, you'll also need to manage your money while you're in college. The Bursar's Office can provide you information on money management, as can the Financial Aid Office. To help manage your stress and promote your overall wellbeing, the University offers a state-of-the-art recreation and wellness center known as the WELL. At the WELL, you can work out, run, take fitness classes, play sports, and engage in many other activities to help keep you healthy, balanced, and energized. You can also see a counselor to talk confidentially about an issue, or sort out a complex situation.

Venturing out on your own to attend college and fully engage in the undergraduate experience can be exciting and a bit challenging. As you can see, however, we have many options to help you manage it all. We even offer free massages on campus! What a Sac State student perk!

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