Living In Sacramento


Did you know that 1700 Sacramento State students live on campus? We want you to think about being one of them. Research shows that students who live on-campus are generally more engaged in campus life (activities, events, and programs that takes place before, after, and between classes) compared to those who commute to campus. Students who are more engaged often perform better academically, and are more likely to continue on and graduate in a timely manner. Though those are educational reasons to live on campus and get involved, there are many social and developmental reasons to live on-campus too: residing on-campus and getting involved make you feel like part of a community, and help make the big campus feel small. Often, students who get involved with campus life make lasting friends, and strong career and networking connections.

Also, living on-campus eliminates commuting and parking time, and provides convenient access to all kinds of shows, activities, sporting events and academic support systems. It also makes it easier for students to relax, have fun, and be healthy when their studies are done for the day.

There are several options for living on-campus. Explore one today!

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Live Here Intro Video

Want to know how student's get to campus and where they live?

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