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Most people know that college costs something, but not necessarily how much or from where the money will come. Your costs include classes, books, transportation, and possibly food, residence, and living expenses. Sac State can help you pay for these through financial aid. For more information on financial aid and other common questions new students ask, click on the pictures above.





Sac State can help you apply for the money you need. The money you apply for is called "financial aid." There are many different kinds of financial aid that may be available to help you. Some types of financial aid, like loans, need to be paid back. Other types of financial aid, like grants and scholarships, do not need to be paid back. To find out more about financial aid, click on the questions and the pictures above.
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Website: Financial Aid Website.
E-mail: Send us your questions by e-mail.
Phone: To use our telephone information system, call us at (916) 278-6554.
Location: Come into our office on the Sac State campus in Lassen Hall Room 1006.

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